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Improving your life and home makes everything better. There are so many ways to make life more enjoyable and manageable that you can gain encouragement just by exploring the possibilities.

A few small steps in the right direction can make a big difference.

What are the things
that make life happier?

Successful Goal Setting and New Year Resolutions

Setting the perfect goals for yourself and your family can be a hopeful and exciting experience. Instead of going whichever way the wind blows, you can set your own course and choose your own destination, personally and as a family.

My goal-setting page offers a free "Goal Setting Workbook" that you can download and use to chart your course. There are many action steps that will help you zero in on the right goals for you. You can stay focused and reach your goals every time with this plan.


Improving Relationships

Relationships play a very big roll in our happiness index. Yet, I've known people who have some pretty sour people in their lives and they are still happy. I also know people who have great people in their lives, but they are unhappy.

So it's not necessarily the people in our lives, but how we handle the relationship we have with them that leads to a happier life and home.


Simple Home Crafts

Sprucing up our homes can make us feel good about ourselves. Crafts to not have to be complicated. Often the simple ones are the most elegant. If you enjoy crafts, you can learn to make ones that sell.

Needle your way into our Simple Home Crafts Page to find something that will make you smile.


Growing Gardens

Landscaping does not have to be expensive. Nature herself has provided us with many at-hand materials that will make our yards and gardens look loved and cared for.

Explore our Xeriscape Landscaping Page for many interesting ideas.


Earning Extra Money from Home

Our first thought might be "more money." Yet some people with oodles of money are miserable. So money alone is no quarantee of happiness.

On the other hand, not enough money to make ends meet can make a household miserable. So yes, money is definitely a factor - but not the only factor - when it comes to being happy.

Look at our Work From Home Page for ideas on how to make money from home.

I invite you to stroll through my website. Start anywhere you want. Look at the menu in the upper right corner and explore the issues that interests you the most.

Have a happy and creative day,
-Elaine Foster from Colorado



Home Life Has Many Facets:

Home Page

Successful Goal Setting and New Year Resolutions

    (1) A Fresh Start - A New Beginning

    (2) Free Printable Goal-Setting Workbook

    (3) Knowing What You Really Want

    (4) Action Steps to Reaching Your Goals

    (5) Being Successful 100% of the Time

    (6) Free PDF of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich

    (7) Harnessing Passion to Fulfill Your Goals

    (8) The Long List of Popular New Year Resolutions

    (9) Breaking Down a Goal into Small Pieces


Improving Relationships

    (1) We Have More Control Than We Realize

    (2) Can You be Addicted to a Person?

    (3) Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

    (4) How to Send Flowers to Someone


Simple Home Crafts

    (1) Wreaths - Home Decor for All Seasons

    (2) Painting on Canvas - for Your Home Decor

    (3) Purchasing Your Art Supplies

    (4) Techniques for Developing the Artist in You


Home Gardens

    (1) Unique and Inexpensive Rock Garden

    (2) Three Things to Consider about Xeriscaping


Healthy Eating

    (1) The Keto Diet Works for Me

    (2) Download This Free Keto Shopping List


Earning Extra Money from Home

    (1) Get my free "Products to Sell Report"

    (2) I Can Set Up a Customer List for You

    (3) You Can Take My Free "Customer List" Course

    (4) How to be a Seller of Amazon Products


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