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How to Sign Up to be
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I watched several videos on how to sell Amazon Products from a website but all of them were incomplete. These video makers had already created an account and tell the viewer to imagine some stuff while they make up a false second Amazon affiliate account.

Some of the videos moved along so fast I couldn't catch it all.

For these reasons, I decided to document every step of the process when I set up my one-and-only Amazon affiliate (also call associate) account. You can go down this webpage and know exacly what you will encounter from start to finish.

There are about 20 steps but the are not difficult or confusing if you follow along with my explanations below.

Before You Begin

There are a few things you need to have ready if you plan to complete the process in one sitting. It is possible to start the process and finish later, but that make things more complicated.

[1] Have a website or facebook page where you'll be selling Amazon products. The facebook page must have a sufficient number of followers for Amazon to accept your application. They don't state exactly what that number is because it might vary depending on what type of things you plan to sell. Some products naturally have fewer buyers than others.

If you don't have a website or facebook page with followers, then create a website or blog before applying to Amazon. You need a place to display the Amazon links anyway. There are many videos about how to set up a WordPress blog in an hour or so or you can hire someone at Fiverr to do it for you.

[2] You will need to give Amazon your social security number. They will generate a W9 online, so know exactly how your name appears on your tax return.

If you're in the United States you get the option of direct deposit into your bank account. If you choose this option over getting a check mailed to you, then have your bank account number and the bank's name and routing number handy.

[3] If you are not in the United States, you can still sign up as an affiliate, but your questions may be slightly different, such as what your tax identification number is called. Most of the other questions below will be the same.


Step 1 - The Affilate Entrance

If you have a regular Amazon.com account, log into it. By doing this, some of the field in the affiliate application will get populated for you. Then go to the bottom of Amazon's home page. Find the link that says "Become an Affiliate" and click on it.


Step 2 - Affiliate Account

If you signed into your Amazon account, this message tells you that your affiliate account will be separate and there is a link to begin setting up your affiliate account


Step 3 - Your Address

On several of the pages, you'll see a link that says "read these instructions." When you click on that link, you'll get a pop up box explaining what that page is about. Be sure to read these instructions. In this step, I'm asked to confirm my address. Since I started this process by logging into my regular Amazon account, the address is populated by Amazon.

Either confirm that you want to use that address in reference to your Amazon commission, or enter a different address.


Step 4 - Your Website

Again, read the pop up box. Then enter the URL of your website. Mine is happycreativehome.com. If you have more than one website where you'll be selling Amazon products or books, list that one, too.


Step 5 - Question about Selling to Directly to Children

This message tells you that they do not allow selling directly to children. Of course, you can sell children's products to their parents. Confirm that you will not be selling to children.


Step 6 - Profile

You will be asked some questions and to choose an associate ID. The ID you enter may not be the one they assign you at the end. It might be slightly different, but you must give them something to start with. I chose happycreativehome-01 and was assigned something similar at the end of the process.


Step 7 - About Your Business

Amazon will ask you what your website it about and the types of products you plan to sell there. If you listed more than 1 website, include what both sites are about.

When asked what type of website I have, I used "blog" and "content website."


Step 8 - Traffic

Amazon asks how you get people to your website. Also chose one of the dropdown answers for other questions they ask about your site.


Step 9 - Missing Answer

Somehow I missed the question about my preferred associate ID, so I was sent back to answer that question. Then I had to enter the captcha code again before being taken to the next screen.


Step 10 - Verifying my Phone Number

Amazon asked me to enter my phone number. Then I hit the [Call me] button and my phone rang almost immediately. A PIN number appeared on my computer screen and after saying "Hello" to Amazon's computer on the phone, I was asked to punch in the PIN number on my phone.


Step 11 - Successfully Completed My Profile Section!

I got a congratulations message, meaning that the phone "conversation" verified me and my phone number.

I checked the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" and then hit the [Finish] button (even though we weren't really finished).


Step 12 - Affiliate ID and Link to the Tax Section

I was then presented with my Amazon Affilate ID. It was a bit different from the one I entered, but it was close. Be sure to record this ID for future use.

Since I wanted to complete the entire process in one sitting, I began the tax information section by clicking the [Now] button.


Step 13 - Method of Payment

I chose direct deposit, but there are other options to choose from. With direct deposit, I had to enter my bank name, my account number and the bank's routing number.


Step 14 - Citizenship

On the next screen, I checked that I was a U.S. citizen.


Step 15 - Taxpayer Info

On this screen, I entered the info that apprear on the tax info, such as name, address, what type of business I have, etc.

Step 16 - SSN

Then I indicated that I would enter a social security number.


Step 17 - Reviewing the W9

After I entered by personal tax info, Amazon generated a W9 for me to look over. Since I saw an error, I hit [Previous] and went back and made the correction. Then I moved forward and was presented with the W9 again.


Step 18 - About Signing the W9

You can't sign and date the W9 at this point. Later you can. Just be sure the info on this is correct. When it is, click [Save and Continue].


Step 19 - Paper or Digital?

You are asked if you want to get your end-of-year tax info in the mail or by computer. Since it said that some things are set up for digital yet, I chose paper to keep it simple.


Step 20 - Electronic Signature

Now you are asked to give your consent to having Amazon put your electronic signature on the W9.


Step 21 - Confirmation

Amazon states that your W9 has been completed.


Step 22 - Done!

You did it! Go treat yourself to an ice cream sundae. Then come back and place links to Amazon products on your website or facbook page!

- Elaine Foster from Colorado



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