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Would You Like to Make Money Online
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Here's the basic way to make money online:

[1] Find products or services to sell
[2] Put them on a website with articles where people can view them
[3] Send people to your website
[4] Grow a customer list and sell products/services to them

That's it in a nutshell.

It's really not much different from a regular brick-and-mortar store on the street corner... The shop owner finds products to sell, she puts them in her store, she gets customers and these customers come back from time to time to buy more products.

That's how a business starts and grows.

So step 1 is to find products to sell. I know where there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of them. I put a few of them on each of my webpages, as you can see at the right side of my pages.

I've written a report that explains how YOU can sell these products and services, too. There's plenty of room for everyone, so take my free "Finding Products Report" and learn how you can make money from home, like so many other people are doing.

Report: How to Find Products to Sell
- Like the Ones on This Page:



Would You Like Me to Set Up a Customer List For You?

Every Person Making Good Money on the Internet
Has a Customer List.

There are many benefits to having your own customer email list:

* Up can notify the people on your list about your latest blog post or pin
* You can sell products and services to people on your list
* If you don't have any products or services to sell, I can show you where to get them
* With an email list, there is no need to snail mail or use to phone to promote what you have to sell
* You can set up an email so it goes out when you want it to
* You can set up a series of emails to teach others what you know about whatever
* You can send out a monthly newsletter
* You can take a survey
* You can promote someone else's product or service and make an easy commission
* You can give away free information to everyone on your list
* You can quickly let people know about an important issue
* You can invite people to an event
* You can send coupons to your list
* You can alert the people on your list to an awesome discount you found
* You can poll your list to see what they like and don't like
* People can forward your email to their friends
* People on your list can communicate back to you very easily and quickly
* You can attach info and pictures to an email and share them with your list
* You can send a special birthday message to individuals on your list
* You can send holiday greetings to everyone on your list
* You can "segment" your email list according to certain criteria, such as where they live - local or far away

The type of list I'm talking about is not like your regular gmail or yahoo list. These services have a strict limit on how many emails can go out from your account.

Aweber is the email management company that I recomment. They have great customer service, which is very important.

If you want multiple lists, you can have them - one list for friends, another for customers, another for whomever.

With Aweber Email Service, you can:

* send as many email to as many people you want to at the same time
* schedule your emails to go out on certain days and times
* add images and links to your emails
* send automated email that go out whenever someone signs up to your list

I Can Set Up a System for You
So You Can Make Money Selling the Products
Shown in the Free Report Above

This is what I can do for you:

[1] After you sign up with Aweber, I will set up an email list where you can store your customer's emails
[2] I will customize each step in the signup process
[3] I will create a signup form where people will enter their email addresses [4] I will put your signup form onto your website
[5] I will test your email system to be sure it works smoothly

I will do all this for just $20 and can often have it done the same day.

If you'd like to hire me for this work, you can pay with this PayPal button.
You do NOT have to have a PayPal account. You can use a credit card.

Then email me at elaine@happycreativehome.com and I'll get started asap.


Get a List and Signup Form Created for You
for Only $20


If You'd Rather Set Up
the Email-Gathering System Yourself,
I've Created a FREE Course
About the Importance of a
Customer List and How to Set One Up

Have you wondered how people get set up in business on the internet?

Often, the biggest obstable is a lack of simple, step-by-step training.

You may have seen promises out there that say things like this:
"With just a few clicks of the mouse you can make a full-time income"
"Make thousands by next wee working just 1 hour a day"
"So simple, a person who can barely turn the computer on can make money quickly"

Maybe you gave it a try and hit a dead end. Maybe you got discouraged, thinking that other people must be smarter and quicker than you are.

That's not true.

The truth is that whatever we understand is not difficult. But there are so many bad teachers out there, that we think that's the way it has to be.

Some people have a knack for raking in money and they just fly through their instructions, saying, "Just do this." We know it's not that easy.

I've had my share of internet gurus who can't break down the process in small enough steps for a beginner to understand it.

For this reason, I wrote my own series of lessons, which I give away for free, that teach how to lay the foundation of a lasting, profitable business - any internet business.

I call my course the "Basis Money-Making System" because nearly every person who is making a steady income online set up this system, including myself. In fact, people who have brick-and-mortar (offline) businesses can increase their income, too, if they set up this system.

What's Included in These Lessons:

First you should know that I didn't invent the system - I just made significant improvements on how it is taught.

I laid out SUPER SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS in a logical order. I took all the mystery out of how people are making money from home.

AND you can get free support help every step of the way!!!

You'll never get stuck setting up this basic system because help is always available to you.

What's more, your new income will come from a business that YOU choose - something that interests YOU.

I GIVE you a list of businesses you can start online. Then I teach you how to make money from them.

When your system is set up, you'll have a real business that's entirely your own. This is important. You want to be the owner of the business so that nobody can pull the rug out from under you and cut off your income stream.

You'll never have to worry about being fired or laid off from a job again. You won't be working for someone else and getting the crumbs. ALL the profits will be yours.

With this system, it's entirely up to you when you work and how much. It's not hourly pay. In other words, you can set your business up on auto-pilot and make as much money when you're away from you computer as when you sitting at it.

This is a great way for people to make money from home.

You'll be proud of yourself when you start making money online, even when you're AWAY from your computer.

So if you want to take the free Basic Money-Making System course, just email me. Put "QUESTION" in the subject line so your email stands out in my inbox.

The lessons are free and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

- Elaine Foster from Colorado



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Earning Extra Money from Home

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    (2) I Can Set Up a Customer List for You

    (3) You Can Take My Free "Customer List" Course

    (4) How to be a Seller of Amazon Products

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