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Is the Keto Diet Good?
The Keto Diet is Working for Me!

(Only foods that are allowed on the Keto Diet are shown.)

The Keto Diet (scientifically called the ketogenic diet) is a high-fat, some-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. It is easy to maintain because there are lots of tasty foods that you can eat and still lose weight.

You don't have to count calories. You just have to stick to the great foods on this KETO FOOD LIST. It's really, really easy!

How the Keto Diet Works
This diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

Think about that.

You want to lose fat, right? Well, sticking to the foods on this diet, your body gets into the habit of burning fat to give itself energy - including the fat around your middle! Pretty cool, huh?

Normally, carbohydrates contained in the foods we eat (breads, pasta...) convert to glucose (sugar) and travel around our bodies to give our cells energy to do what they need to do. In particularly, the brain needs glucose to help us think clearly.

However, if there is very little carbohydrate in the diet, the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone bodies pass into the brain and replace glucose as an energy source.

What It's Like to be on the Keto Diet

The Keto Diet generally contains a 4:1 ratio BY WEIGHT of fat to combined protein and carbohydrate. This happens when we cut back on high-carbohydrate foods such as starchy fruits (banana) and vegetables (potatoes), bread, pasta, grains (cereal) and sugar, while adding foods that are high in fat such as nuts, cream and butter.

I KNOW you're thinking, "Ya right, if I eat more BUTTER I'm going to lose weight."

My response it, "If you put butter on steamed broccoli, which is on the KETO FOOD LIST, you'll lose weight. But if you put butter on bread or mashed potatoes, you won't.

This diet has been around for nearly a century and it has been proven to help people lose weight countless times.

One of the nice features of this diet is that it usually doesn't take long to see the weight come off. In my case, it took only 2 days to lose a pound and I admit I was amazed. A friend, Vera who is a nurse, told me about how this diet was working for her, so I tried it.

Vera said she was never hungry and could eat as much of the foods on the list as she wanted. Now THAT caught my attention! I have hypoglycemia, which basically means I get meaner than a protective mother bear when I'm hungry.

A diet where I would never be hungry? I went online THAT DAY to figure out how to get started.

Download This Free Keto Shopping List

I compiled a KETO FOOD LIST, which is easily printable and works great as a shopping list. If you want my list, you can get it here:

Get the Free Keto Food List

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More Energy, Less Brain Fog

One day my husband said to me, "You seem wired up these day." I told him that it must be the new diet I was on. Later, I discovered that the Keto Diet does in fact cause many people to have more energy.

It also keeps my mind from fogging up. These are a couple of BLESSINGS that I've received from this diet.

Again, there is a science behind it. My brain was used to getting its energy from glucose from carbohydrates, which were packing on the weight. When I switched my body - and brain - over to getting energy from ketones from fats and proteins, it seemed to be happier.

If my body and brain are happy, then I'm happy.

This Keto Diet is not complicated at all. I'm sure biologists understand why our cells respond differently to carbohydrates than they do to fats and proteins. But it's good enough for me to know that if I just eat the foods on my KETO FOOD LIST, I'm going to lose weight and feel better.

In the case of dieting, simpler is better.

The Downside of the Keto Diet

So far I've noticed only 3 downsides:

[1] I have to stick to the food list or I gain weight quickly.

I'm the kind of person who wants to test the limits of things. I wonder, "Can I eat two pieces of bread a day and still lose weight?" The simple answer is, "Probably not."

The reason for this is that if you give the body carbohydrates (breads), it will burn that for energy. If you don't give the body carbohydrates, it will be forced to burn FAT for energy. And since I want to get rid of the fat around my middle, I have to force my body to burn it.

[2] I have to buy different foods than I'm used to buying.

In my case, I never think to buy an avocado for myself. We didn't have this food item in our house when I was a kid. Now I need to remember to buy - and eat - an avocado each week.

[3] I need to think differently about eating.

For years I've tried to count calories. That's what was taught growing up.
Now I have to count CARBS. I can eat a bunch of eggs (at 100 calories each) but I can't eat a slice of bread (at 100 calories each). Seems weird, huh? Well, it does to me. But I tested the limits and found that if I want to lose weight, I have to stick to the KETO FOOD LIST.

Blogging? Who Me?

I never thought I'd maintain an online blog. However, if this diet is going to work this well for me, I thought it might help you, too.

I know what it's like to battle hunger. I hate it - with a passion. I also hate it because hunger always wins. Grrrrr.

So I'm going to keep adding things I learn about this great diet here. I'll probably add some recipes that are working well for me.


Simplifying your Meals
by Just Combining Keto Foods

One of the keys to success with the Keto Diet is learning to mix and match the items on the Keto Food List.

I particularly like to keep snacks and meals very simple.

For example:
     * Scrambled eggs with walnuts on the side (instead of toast)
     * Chopped strawberries with cream or unsweetened full-fat yogurt
     * Broccoli and cheese
     * Lettuce and tomato with mayo and bacon bits (real cooked bacon)
     * Celery and peanut butter or cream cheese
     * Soup made of broth, chicken pieces, chopped celery and a few peas

One of my favorite combinations is red salmon, almond flour and egg. I mix them in a bowl, press the mixture into patties and fry them in sunflower or olive oil. Proportion of the ingredients doesn't matter. Make them dry or wet (with more egg).

It's all good.


Staying on the Keto Diet
is Important for Several Reasons

Staying on ANY diet is important if we want to lose weight consistently, but the Keto Diet has an extra reason.

Our bodies are accustomed to using carbohydrates for energy. However, when we get on the Keto Diet, our bodies switch over to burning fat for energy. Usually, our bodies will make the adjustment without too much complaint, especially because there are so many healthy and yummy foods on our food list. And because we can eat until we feel full. Fats help us to feel full quickly.

But the body does not like switching back and forth between using carbohydrates and fats. Once we get on the Keto Diet, we should make every effort to stay on it.

Some people report feeling queasy or getting headaches when they switch over. To avoid repeated discomfort, just stick to the Keto Food List and enjoy the pounds falling off.

If you'd like to have my "KETO FOOD LIST," which is easily printable and works great as a shopping list, you can get it here:

Get the Free Keto Food List

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Until next time,
-Elaine from Colorado




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