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The Long List of
Popular New Year Resolutions

Every person is unique and a goal or resolution should be tailored to fit each person like a glove. Nevertheless, common resolutions pop up every new year:

<> Losing weight

<> Quit smoking

<> Making more friends

<> Laugh more

<>Learn something new, such as a foreign language

<> Do something exciting or unique

<> Make small and regular financial investments

<> Enjoy life more

<> Be more organized

<> Be more independent

<> Get along better with other people; improve inter-personal skills

<> Take more time off from the grind

<> Do something specific to better care for the Earth

<> Give more donations to charity

<> Get out of debt

<> Go back to school

<> Get better grades or job performance review

<> Make more sales

<> Watch less TV or play fewer video games

<> Spend less time on social media or watching YouTube videos

<> Train for a new career

<> Read more or read about a wider variety of subjects

<> Conquer a fear or shyness

<> Get closer to God through prayer and Bible study

<> Travel to a place they haven't been to before

<> Visit a friend or relative they haven't seen in many years

<> Manage time better; be more productive

<> Settle down, start a family

<> Start a business and stop working for the man

<> Make their first dollar online

<> Make a big purchase, such as a house or a car

<> Visit the place of their childhood

<> Write their first book or finish the book they are currently writing

<> Quit a specific bad habit, such as gossiping or nail biting

<> End negative thinking

<> Take better care of something, like the house or car

<> Eat healthier or stick to a specific diet

<> Find a new job

<> Improve a particular talent

<> Volunteer more time to a worthy cause

<> Spend more quality time with family

<> Do something significant for the community

<> Do better on their existing job

<> Save for that dream vacation or something else desired or needed

<> Become more assertive

<> Quit drinking or at least consume less alcohol

Only a small percentage of people who make new year resolutions succeed. They either picked the wrong resolution or picked it for the wrong reasons, such as to please someone else.

Image of A Fresh Start with a new year resolution

Another reason people fall short is that they didn't nurture the desire. They stated it once and pretty much forgot about it a week or two later.

Unrealistic goals or goals that don't match your lifestyle or life's mission are other reasons for not reaching the desired end. Making too many resolutions at once is another obstacle to success.

As you can see, there are many New Year resolutions you can make and nearly as many reasons why it doesn't work out. However, there are ways to keep your eyes on the prize and hit the bulls eyes every time. Download the free Goal-Setting Workbook here and follow the action steps. You'll not only see your way clear to reaching your destination, you'll also choose the right destination for you in the first place.

If interested, you can go here learn how the tradition of making a New Year Resolution began.

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Delightful 4-year-old Girl Explains the Problem with New Year Resultions:



How to Break Down
a New Year Resolution
into Bite-Size Pieces
(such as Organizing an Area
of Your Home)

Why did the expression "a trip around the world begins with one step" get so popular? It's an encouraging reminder that all things are possible if taken one little step at a time. If your new year's resolution will take more than one day to complete, it can be broken down into smaller steps.

Image that says How to Break Down a New Year Resolution into Bite Size Pieces

Let's use the example of making a new year resolution to finally organize the boxes of papers that have been intimidating you for a long time. You know that the boxes must be emptied and organized but the job seems so overwhelming that it leaves you feeling defeated.

If these boxes were left over from a change in living quarters or if they were dumped on you as part of an estate that nobody else wants to deal with, then there may be some negative emotions involved. Maybe a business had to shut down and these are the related papers. You know you can't just dump them and maybe you resent having to deal with them. These unhappy feelings will ease and be replaced with pride as you succeed in finally organizing the papers and reclaiming living space that was taken up by the boxes.

Two Approaches - Which is Best?

You could set aside your entire life and just focus on organizing these papers until it's done or you could break it down into smaller steps and do a moderate amount each day or each week.

The first scenario is not realistic and has a greater chance of failing because life simply won't leave you alone long enough to complete such a big job. The phone will ring, the family needs your attention, meals have to be cooked, you've made outside commitments and so on.

The second approach is more realistic and will more likely lead to success, which is the goal.

Keep in mind that thought and planning should go into anything as important as a new year resolution. If the task was easy, you wouldn't have thought about making a resolution about it. It would already be done. The truth is that there are reasons why this task has not been done already and you must make a plan that will make those reasons disappear.

So let's look at one way this organization project can be broken down:


Make a Plan that Fits Well with Your Existing Lifestyle

There's always more than one way to skin a cat, but you must find the plan that works well for you in your unique situation. For example, if the kids are home on Saturday, it's not a good day to tackle this large organization project. If you're a morning person, evenings are not good either.

Realize that most resolutions or goals take focus and planning. You might think, "What can be so hard about rummaging though some boxes and throwing out the junk?" Well, in reality, many decisions must be made all along the way and any one of these could cause you to stall out if preparations are not made to avoid this. You'll need to ask yourself questions like this:

- Do I want to keep the item or not?
- Is there a logical place to put it where I can get my hands on it quickly when I need it or do I need to get a new storage container for it?
- If I don't need the item, should it be shredded or can I put it into a trash bag to be set on the curb?
- Does it really belong to someone else and should it be mailed to them?
- Is it an item that Goodwill could benefit from?

These are just some of the questions that you'll ask yourself along the way.

Preparatory Phase

In the case of this specific project, you might need a paper shredder. Can you buy or borrow one? This should be accomplished before the work begins. If not, things could be placed on hold until a shredder is secured.

Will you need smaller boxes, folders, envelopes, a file cabinet, a desk, a cabinet to get this job done correctly? What about labels, permanent markers, a pencil, eraser, pen or rubber bands?

Now you can sympathize with yourself about why this job was not "just done" a long time ago. It's not as simple as it looks on the surface.

Also recognize that some tasks are easier for some people than others. Being organized is a piece of cake for some people but like climbing Mount Everest for others. Be understanding with yourself. Admit that this is a project that is going to take focused effort on your part. Be determined to succeed by getting prepared to tackle this job and plan to stick with it until completed.

If you prepare as much as you can before you begin the project, your chances of success are greatly increased. It's when you must endure the repeated frustrations of continually hitting walls because you  don't have the right size box (or whatever) for storing the items that slows you down and causes you to give up on the entire thing.

Even the preparation phase should be broken down into bite size steps:

Step 1: Get a notebook and make a list of what you need to organize your clutter. You'll need this list again later on, so don't misplace it.

Step 2: Gather what you have on hand, such as pens, pencils, eraser, rubber bands, trash bags or whatever you can find that might help with the organization project. Put these items in one place so you can get at them quickly when you are ready to dig through the clutter.

Great! You've accomplished the first two steps and it wasn't too painful!

Step 3: Head out into the world to get what's left on your preparation list - smaller boxes in a variety of sizes, permanent markers, labels, plastic file boxes or a file cabinet. If you can't find everything, then create another step to hunt down the remaining items.

Step 4: Maybe you'll need to call around to find a used file cabinet or whatever else you couldn't get on your first shopping trip. Maybe you need to save up for what you need. In any case, you're making progress.


It Looks Easy - to Other People

Your mom or aunt made organizing looked simple. Their house was always neat and they didn't seem to stress over clutter. Chances are good that they planned their work and worked their plan. They had the necessary cleaning and storage supplies on hand. They had a place for everything. They dealt with clutter before it got out of hand.

But for people like me, who are domestically challenged, I tend to let things get away from me before I'm even aware of it. For me, a lot of thought and planning must go into an organization project if I'm going to succeed.

This is why many people fail at their new year resolutions. They underestimate the difficulty of the thing. They say, "I'll get it done in a week," but it's not that simple. If it was easy, it wouldn't have ended up as a new year resolution in the first place.

People think it's going to be easy because it is easy for other people. Part of the planning is facing the fact that this endeavor is going to take more thought and serious focus than first expected.


Preparation is the Key to Succeeding with Your New Year Resolution

Can you see now why preparation is the key to winning this battle? Don't skimp on it. Get the project clear in your mind before you start.

Step 5: Let's say there's a box of papers that needs to be sorted. Take a glance at what's in the box and then close up the box again. Then sit down in a quiet place with a cup of tea and think about what's in the box. Picture in your mind where the various items should go: tax papers into the file cabinet, photos in to a large envelope labeled pictures from {wherever}, old Christmas cards into the trash bag, bank statements into the shredder, etc.

If you're stumped about where something should go, keep thinking about it. Does it need a special file box? Should some other family member or prior business partner be storing this particular item? Can you mail it to him? If so, do you have the proper envelop or box for mailing it?

Step 6: When you have a good mental picture of how the sorting of all the papers will be handled, settle on a time when you won't be interrupted, such as after the kids are in bed or at school, and go for it.

If negative thoughts are beating you up, such as how much you hate this type of work or how much you resent it being dumped on you, put on your favorite music. Brew your favorite coffee and do whatever you can to get into a better mood. The time will go much faster and the project will be less painful, literally.

All this might seem like you're making a big deal about sorting a box of papers but keep in mind that the goal is to be successful. You don't want anything to reduce your chances of finishing the job. You don't want to be frustrated by too many decisions while the papers are in your hand. You don't want continual interruptions while you're in the swing of it. You don't want to be stopped because you don't have what you need to get the job done correctly. You certainly don't want to have to sort these same papers again!

Instead, you want to be prepared to open the box and get right to work. You want to know exactly what the plan is, finish the task, brush your hands off and feel like a conqueror.

Step 7: If something needs to go to Goodwill or the post office, now is a good time to do it. Don't dive into a second box or bag that needs sorting until you've done the same preparatory steps that enabled  you to be successful with the first one.

Step 8: Quit while you're a winner. In other words, enjoy the progress you've made. In the next day or week, gear up to tackle the next box by repeating the exact same steps you took with the previous box.

If you tell someone else about how proud you feel about sorting items in a box, they may think you're nuts - especially if they are good at organizing They don't realize how this project has intimidated you for so long. But you know! And now you know how good it feels to overcome the obstacles that held you back. And you're the only one you have to please anyway.

Repeat What Was Successful

Within a week, focus on the next box to be sorted:

Steps 1-4: Do you have to replenish any of your organization supplies? Do you need different supplies? If so, go get them before tackling the next box.

Step 5: Look through the next box then close it back up. Go to a quiet, relaxing place and make your plan. Picture in your mind where you'll put each item. If you're not sure about an item or two, keep brainstorming until you come up with a good solution.

Step 6: When you have a block of time to yourself, dominate that job. Put on your favorite music, feel your spirits rise and conquer that box!

Step 7: Does something have to be mailed or dropped off at Goodwill? Now is the time to do it.

Step 8: Bask in the good feeling of a job well done. Go do something you enjoy. You earned it.

The next day, or within the next week, repeat steps 1-8.

This is how people successfully complete projects that have stumped them for a long time. People don't make resolutions such as "I'll make dinner every night" or "I'll go to work every day" because they're already doing these things and they are not stumped by them.

Resolutions arise around those issues that seem to be conquering us, such as getting organized, losing weight, or finding a new job. These goals can also be broken down into very manageable steps.

Care should be taken to recognize any step that gives us trouble. Don't just hope you can bulldoze through it. Instead, break it down into smaller steps and spend time visualizing them getting accomplished. Then when you deal with them, they will be much easier and be completed much faster.

Always praise yourself when you successfully complete a phase of the project. Picture the ultimate goal and remind yourself that you're closer today than you were yesterday. Be proud of your progress and ignore any negative comments that come your way.

Only you will ever know the how big the dragons are that you're successfully and methodically slaying.

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